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Excellence in every tiny detail.

Local to Oklahoma City and the OKC Metro including Tulsa, Norman, Stillwater & Edmond


We're local to Oklahoma City, and we love our growing community. Service is always better when you shop local.

Over 13 years experience in the construction and design industry


Our professional crew has 13 years experience in construction and design. We can build it better and faster. We want to get you into your own home sooner so you can start living tiny.

We take extra steps to ensure our tiny homes are of the highest quality possible.


Just because our houses are tiny doesn't mean they're cheap. We craft our custom homes with care using all new materials in our large indoor workshop.

What can tiny homes be used for?

Hunting Cabin

Do you spend your weekends hunting, fishing or hanging out at the lake? Instead of spending the night in a rain-soaked tent or a drafty deer stand, you can relax in style with our unique portable hunting and fishing cabins. This isn't a home floor plan retrofitted to work at the lake. This little guy is designed from the ground up with you in mind, and it's packed with features to make your weekends more enjoyable.

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Mortgage Alternative

What's cooler than not being tied down to a traditional 30-year mortgage? Honestly, not much. But enjoying your financial freedom in one of our fully furnished modern tiny homes makes it that much sweeter! We can work with you to design and build a beautiful home that matches your personality and your budget.

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Granny Pod

Is your mother-in-law messing with your empty nest mojo? You really do love her and you would never consider putting her in a nursing home, but it would be nice to have your man cave or sewing room back, wouldn't it? Put Mom up in some swanky new digs on your own property with one of our safe and secure granny flats.

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Tailgate Hospitality Suite

Whether it's race time or game time, you can be the envy of the tailgating party when you roll up in a decked out tiny house with full bar, kegerator and stocked kitchen. You can forget fiddling with canopy tents and folding chairs ever again. You'll be kicked back in your favorite spot with a tiny house tricked out in team colors ready to party.

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Home Office

Working from home can be more fulfilling and convenient than working from a traditional office. But, what happens when you can't find a quiet spot in your busy house to actually get things done? And, when tax time rolls around it can be really difficult to calculate which portion is dedicated office space. Solve all your problems with a tiny portable office space that you can roll into your backyard for your own oasis of productivity.

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Pop-up Shop

Wouldn't it be great to take your business on the road and find your customers instead of waiting for them to find you? We can help you design a custom portable pop-up shop for your restaurant or retail shop so you can take your storefront straight to your customers. You never miss out on walk-in traffic again. It's like having your own business in a box.

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Embrace the tiny house movement. Let us build you a tiny house, granny pod, pop-up shop, hunting cabin, or fishing cabin.
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