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Here are some of the questions we've received from our customers. Hopefully, the answer you're looking for is on this page. If it's not, just email us at info@tinyhomesofoklahoma.com or call us at (405) 826-4193 and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions.

Are all of your tiny homes built on trailers with wheels?

Yes, we only build homes on trailers with wheels.

What steps do you take to protect the undercarriage of my tiny home?

We use Bullet Liner on the undercarriage of every tiny home - both the trailer and floor decking. This water tight seal protects against moisture, potential road hazards and discourages critters.

How much does one of your tiny homes cost to build?

That varies a great deal depending on the size of home you want and the level of completion you desire.

Would you be willing to build the home and leave it unfinished inside so I can finish it myself?

Absolutely! We work hard to come up with solutions that match almost any budget. If you have an idea, just ask us about it. We're pretty flexible.

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